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The creation of sculpture is a chance to remove myself from an equation, stripping away the many details of personal experience to find its core. What remains is a template—a gesture of a particular experience—whether internal, interpersonal, or collective. These templates act as the mechanism for the anthropomorphosis of my work, shaping the relationship between form and content. The result; a process that allows me to explore the relational complexities found in the technologically integrated human experience.


I use a wide vocabulary of objects and connections inspired by the early years of harnessed electricity—much like antiquated bits of technology from an era that never quite existed. My attraction to the early discovery and science of electricity spawns from the raw nature, excitement, and fear seen in the unabashed, naive exploration of a once mysterious phenomenon. Unlike modern electronics, each element of these early circuits stood out while the connections between them were lucid. In my work, the implication of energy passing from one component to the next serves as metaphor for the emotional and intellectual connectivity you and I engage in daily.


Each piece is aged, wounded, and derelict to articulate susceptibility to time and space—an intrinsically human condition—as a means of questioning their nature, purpose, or ability to function. Along these lines, I find mystery to play an important role in my work—evoking intrigue and contemplation. I’m not interesting in telling you an entire story, merely inviting you to fill in where I left off.


A statement may be considered in the moment of encounter, but a question has the potential to be ruminated indefinitely.


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