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Capturing Light

Light, color, and optics are performed in-camera through various analog techniques.

TWIN LIMB- The Weather


Video is a delightful playground for perspective and a fitting abstraction for the process of sight. Both cameras and eyes use arrays of refraction to focus and capture light on the visual spectrum, reflected or generated by objects in the environment. Light passes from one medium to the next, bent and altered along the way. The exploitation and manipulation of this equation has lead the the video works featured on this page. 

Jim James- I Just Wasn't Made for These Times
Jim James- Same Old Lie
Jim James- Eternally Even
[CD unboxing short]
Jim James- Eternally Even
[tour/album teaser promo]
Jim James- Over and Over [lyrical video]
ticTOK- feature
video piece created for 
my morning jacket NYE 2018 countdown
ticTOK- atemporal countdown
video piece created for
my morning jacket NYE 2018 countdown 
FUTURE KILLER- PINKwater [album video]
Parlour- Resist Ants
Raquel Bell- SWAN
Tender Mercy- Leave Little Room
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